1. Navigate to the left menu in the Infrastructure Lifecycle Hub

2. Click on the Asset menu item

3. Click on Create asset

4.  It will appear a new window "Create new asset"

5. Fill in the required information (entries with are mandatory): 

  • Upload photo: Add one picture of the asset that gives a first sight of what this asset is about

  • Asset name*: Give a name that  describes the asset

Note: Asset name is the only parameter that can be used to search for assets in the database.
  • Template: Template defines a custom configuration to be applied to the asset

  • Asset group*Choose from a set of structure groups that is most descriptive of your asset 

  • Location: Add a city or coordinates, where your asset is located

  • Construction year: Add the year of construction

  • width, length, area: You can add the exact or estimated dimensions of your asset

  • Road type/segment: If the structure is only a segment of a certain asset type, enter it here

  • Notes: Add additional notes that could give a better understanding of the overall asset and make it easier to identify

6. Click Next

7. You can now specify components for your asset

8. Click on the Asset components dropdown menu

Depending on the asset group, different asset components will already be prefilled.

9. Add a new entry
10. You can 
duplicate/append/insert/delete an entry

11. Click on Preview as a list

12. Make sure all entries are added to the list

13. Click on CREATE

Your asset has now been created and can be used to perform digital inspections.