In order to perform digital inspections,first you have to create a new inspection.

  1. Navigate to the left menu in the Infrastructure Lifecycle Hub

  2. Click on the Inspections menu item

  3. Click on Create inspection

  4. The create inspection-window appears.

  5. Please fill in the required information to create an inspection. Entries with * are mandatory. 



  • Generic: Norm is not from an specific country
Note: The Template can not be updated after the inspection has been started.

                     Inspection status: 

  1. New: will be created automatically during creation
  2. In progress: inspection is still under work
  3. Waiting for approval: The inspection is in the process of being accepted
  4. Approved: The inspection was approved to start the process inside the hub
  5. Finished: inspection is finished


  • Select the asset for which the inspection should be created

Inspection Type: 

  • Major Inspection
  • Minor Inspection
  • Special Inspection
  • Routine/Superficial
  • Demonstration

Inspection Year: 

  • Choose the year when the inspection has been started

Responsible Engineer: 

  • Select the person who performs the inspection

Start Date:

  • Enter the start date of the inspection

End Date:

  • Enter the end date of the inspection


  • Add additional comments that could be relevant to this inspection

6. Click on "Create"

7. A new inspection has been created and is now visible in the inspections overview