The inspection overview enables you to look at all the structured data for a specific inspection. 

  • Navigate to the left menu in the Infrastructure Lifecycle Hub.

  • Click on the Inspections menu item.

  • Choose an inspection and click on it.

  • You can now see all the details of that inspection:

  •     Inspection Type
  •     Responsible Engineer
  •     Norm
  •     Inspection year
  •     Start date
  •     End date
  •     Comment

        Inspection Details: 


  •  Overview: Here you can visualize the inspection Details
  • Generate Report: Here you can create your report
  • Edit inspection details: add or change information
  • Additional information: Here you can find the inspection type
  • Summary: click on Edit summary to insert Expert conclusion and Next inspection
  • 3D Modell: If a 3D model is available you will find it here