The Damage List enables you to look at all damages of a specific inspection.

  1. Navigate to the left menu in the Infrastructure Lifecycle Hub.

  2. Click on the Inspections menu item.

  3. Choose an inspection.

  4. Click on Damages.

  5. You can see all damages: 

  • Damage ID
  • Asset
  • Rating
  • EP 
  • Damage catalog reference
  • Quantity
  • Rating comment
  • Type
  • Dimension
  • Creation date 
  • Last modified
  • Added Manually
  • Measures
  • Damage notes

Inspection Damages:

1. Filter damages: search by damages or images.

2. List view: shows your damages in a list.

3. Grid view: view your damages in thumbnails.

4. Split view: you can see the damages in thumbnails and on an overview model (if available).

5. Bulk operations: With bulk operations you can perform on a large scale. Example: Assign attributes to damages. 

6. Column selector: Customize your default List view to display fewer columns.

7. Search: Search for damages by damage ID´s.