1. Search: search by image name or id.

2. Filter images: click to filter images.

3. Upload images: manually upload further images.

4. List view: click to open list view.

5. Grid view: click to open the grid view. 

6. Items: shows how many items there are.

7. Image ID: shows the corresponding ID of each image.

8. Original name: displays the name under which your file was saved and uploaded.

9. Upload source: here you can see the method selected to upload the images, either manual or batch.

10. Corresponding asset: shows which asset component it corresponds to.

11. Resolution: displays the number of image pixels assigned to each photo.

12. Comment: here you have the possibility to see if the image has an specific remark.

13. Edit or delete images: in this section you have the possibility to modified or remove an image.