The STRUCINSPECT Glossary provides definitions of terms that you might encounter while working with the Infrastructure Lifecycle Hub.

Account Service: 

  • Organization: a group that may contain many companies, many users, user-groups and business entities
  • Membership: your access subscription to our services
  • User: a person using the system
  • Permissions: a single permission to allow a user some action


  • Structure: one or many physical object(s)
  • Asset: a resource that an individual, corporation, or country owns or control 
  • Inspection: a formal evaluation of one or multiple structure(s)
  • Damage: physical harm that impairs the value, usefulness or normal function of something
  • Rate: an evaluation value 
  • Measure: a plan or course of action to take in response to finding something, such as a damage, etc. 
  • Image: a photo taken by a device 
  • Norm: some defined schema of rules to follow