Currently, we offer three main services that can be acquired with your membership to enhance your digital inspection workflows:

We have different kind of subscriptions plans, which differ according to the number of megapixels you require. The subscriptions are offer yearly with annual renewals and with the flexibility of cancellation at any time:

Note: You will have the possibility to process a greater number of images through a services if you have more megapixels in your subscriptions.


The volume of megapixels included are specified per month. However, the full annual volume is already available at the beginning of the billing period. 

For example: if you order a monthly volumen of 3,000 megapixels,  360,000 megapixels can be used at the beginning of the contract period.


As soon as the ordered volume is totally consumed you will be informed by STRUCINSPECT via email and you can purchase additional volume for your digital inspection services in case you need it.

For more information, detailed prices you can visit our pricing page. You will find as well a  megapixel to images calculator to support you in your purchase decision.