You can easily generate a report of your inspection as follow:

1. Navigate to the left menu.

2. Click on the Inspections menu item.

3. Choose the inspection for which you want to generate a report.

4. Move to the "Reports" Tab. 

5. Click on "Generate report".

6. Put in the information required in the window that popped up.

  • Report Templates: By default we offer you the STRUCINSPECT report template. 
                                  If there are any organization-wide report templates avaible, you will see them here as well.
                                  You can also upload your own report template file (Microsoft Word) from your laptop/PC directly.
  • Report Name:  As soon as report template is selected, you will see that report name is auto filled. You can change or leave it as is. 
  • Report Template language: This field is pre-filled for organization-wide templates. If you upload your own template, you need to select a language from the list of supported languages.

7. Click the 'Generate Report' button and wait. Please do not be discouraged - depending on the amount of exported inspection data and its complexity, the generating process can take quite some time!

8. Within the 'Status" column you can see a pending 'generating report' status which will change into the 'download report field' button as soon as the report was generated successfully. 

9. If an error occurs during the generation process, you will see an error status for the given report version. 

Note: Currently, you can only uplooad Microsoft Word files as report templates and
      reports can only be downloaded as Microsoft Word files.