If you want to make a report template available for every inspection in your organization, then upload it under organization Admin Console. Here you can also adapt existing templates by downloading, editing and reuploading the template.

  1. Go to your organization Admin console.
  2. In Admin console, under “Custom templates” select “Reports” menu item.
  3. On the opened page you’ll see the table with all report templates available for organization, including the default STRUCINSPECT report template. 

You can now either: 

                                a) Download an already uploaded template to edit and reupload it afterwards  or 

                                b) directly upload a new template

a) To update a template:

  1. Download the report template you want to update
  2. Make required changes in the template file.
  3. Upload the template in the organization Admin Console via the "upload new template" button.


From now on use the newly uploaded template for the inspection report generation. You can delete the initial report template if it’s not needed anymore. 

b) To upload a new template:

  1. Click the "Upload new template" button (Figure above).
  2. In the opened modal select or drag and drop a file with a report template. 
  3. Fill in the mandatory fields like template name and language.
  4. Click the "Upload" button.

When successful, you’ll see a new record in the templates table. From now, this template is available for report generation in any inspection.

Tip: There is no content check yet. If you want to check the results of a template before making it available organization-wide go into one of your inspectionsm into the "Reports" Tab, generate a new report and choose to upload new template. This upload is one-time only and does not save the template in organization templates.