You can use the STRUCINSPECT mobile app to take images and document damages of assets in a structured format. 


Create and mark an image

  1. Select a specific inspection.
  2. Click on the photo button under "components", "damages" or "images".
  3. Take a picture and click on use photo.
  4. Mark something by drawing on the image (optional).
  5. Click on "save".
  6. Add as an image or add damage.

Add damage

When adding a damage to your taken picture:

  1. Select the corresponding damage type.
  2. Select the asset component on which the damage is to be found.
  3. You can directly rate the damage.
  4. Add damage notes.
  5. Add measures. (optional) 

Add measures

You can assign one or several measures to a damage:

  1. Create an image 
  2. Add a damage to the image.
  3. Click on "add measure" at the bottom of