What are Orthophotos?

Orthophotos are images covering larger sections of an area. They are created by stitching together several overlapping images. Geometric distortion is being corrected and the images are colour-balanced to achieve a precise and seamless image representation that enables accurate measurements. The high quality of the orthophotos also makes it possible to zoom in to a granular level and identify damage with an accuracy of up to 0.1 mm.

Orthophoto of a 30 meter  tunnel section.

Why should I use Orthophotos?

A lot of image data is generated during data acquisition. Orthophotos drastically reduce the number of images you need to look at during digital inspections, saving you a lot of time.  

Orthophotos will be displayed under the relevant inspection in the Infrastructure Lifecycle Hub. Engineers can rate damages and define measures based on them. In addition, orthophotos can be included in the automatically generated reports.

Which structures can be represented by Orthophotos?

Orthophotos can be used for long and flat surfaces. Therefore they are especially useful for:

  • tunnels
  • the underside of bridges
  • pavements
  • walls
  • and more

How large is the area covered by an Orthophoto?

The orthomosaics can be individually cut into sections according to your needs. One example could be sections of 50 meters. 

How do I locate damages on an Orthophoto?

If you use our AI-assisted damage detection service, damages will be marked on your Orthophotos. To further help in locating damages, linear rulers can be displayed on the X and Y axes. The linear rulers can display the metrics of your choice. An example of a tunnel use case would be meters on the X-axis and clock position (1 - 12) on the Y-axis. Additionally, if you click on a damage on an orthomosaic the location of it is highlighted on both axes to represent its relative positioning on to the real asset. 

How can I get an Orthophoto?

Simply contact our sales team. Our expert team will then create the Orthophotos on the basis of your images and requirements.

If you already have orthophotos you can also upload them to the Infrastructure Lifecycle HUB through our CLI tool.